China Company Background Check

Creating a trusted business environment

Why doing a company background check?

Finding the right factory and performing initial due diligence brings you the basic SECURITY and guidance to minimize your procurement RISK.

ALFA-BRIDGE compliance team will perform a documentary investigation to reveal the hidden truth about your potential supplier. Through China government database inquiry and analyse of official source, we can reveal the true identity of any company legally registered in China and assess the potential risk associated to it.

Business Information

Shareholder Structure

Company Risk & Legal Records


Major online sourcing platforms and company websites only show the information your potential supplier wants you to see. However, in order to make the most appropriate decision before placing an order, you need to confirm their true identity.

It is literally impossible for a company located outside of China to investigate on the reality and legality of a Chinese company, so it is extremely easy for a supplier  with bad intentions or an impostor to hide sensitive details about who they really are.

Therefore, it is important to perform a due diligence through a reliable source of information to reveal the reality of each supplier especially before starting a new cooperation.

Report Request Steps


Provide your contact details to receive the report.


Provide your supplier details, website URL and other relevant information needed for our investigation.


Make a secured online payment and upload additional supporting documents on our order confirmation page (if available).


Our team will process your request and issue the company background check report in PDF sent to you by email within 24h.

Ready to check on your supplier?


Frequent Asked Questions

It is a documentary due diligence to reveal the true identity of your potential supplier along with key details about its company related to its legal aspects and company structure.

Our team work exclusively on on government database and official sources such as National Credit Information, China Court Judgment register or the Trademark Office and Patent Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration for the latest up-to-date and most reliable information.

For urgent needs, please contact our staff for assistance at [email protected]

We need at least the company name in English and if possible the Url from their website or online page/store. Additionally you can provide their name in Chinese (more accurate than English name), their company business license copy or business ID or any other relevant information you may have.

Our team may contact you for clarification if we need more supporting information to process your request.

Chinese companies do not necessarily register their English names with official database. All official records will be in Chinese characters only. Our team can identify your supplier if you can provide more details, such as their Chinese registered name, their company ID, their website Url, company certificates or any supporting information and document which may help us identify them.

Alfa-Bridge can provide full service on finding reliable suppliers and assistance in your procurement needs, please contact us to know more how we can help your business.

You can connect with us by using our contact form or by sending us an email to [email protected]

The cost of the report includes one single company background check. For large numbers of companies, please contact our team for specific quote.

It is recommended to perform at least an administrative due diligence to ensure your supplier is really who they pretend to be, are legitimately registered in China and in good standing. Additionally our team can organize on-site factory audit to confirm the physical existence of your supplier, the company capabilities and accreditation before you place a order.


Contact us for more details about Factory Audits and Quality Assurance.

Yes, our Chinese team can help you with communication issues with your suppliers.

Contact us for assistance on this matter.

Supply Chain Risks Management (SCRM)
Recommended steps

The supply chain risk management achieved through the coordination & collaboration of the supply chain partners will guarantee the profitability and continuity of the project.

We all know that risk management is a vital aspect of the supply chain and the impact of not capturing risk and mitigating it can greatly affect the company.


While risk management is a fairly simple concept in execution, it can be very complex with many variables to consider. Develop a supply risk management plan can be achieved accounting the following aspects

Company Background Check


Purchase Contract (Enforceable in China)




Prototype &
Sample Approval


IP & Trademark